Cole's Mission

Respect for our Veterans

Hello.  I'm Cole Donnellan, great nephew of Jerry Donnellan.  As a Donnellan, I've been involved with Veterans from day one.

My great grandfather, Michael, an Irish immigrant served in the Navy WWII, my grandfather Jim Curtin was a Navy Man, my other grandfather James was in the Army and his brothers, Don, Air Force Korea, and of course, my Hero, Jerry.

From the time I entered the world, I was brought to the Memorial Day Watchfires on the Piermont Pier, that my Uncle Jerry helped start.

After my Uncle's retirement, and learning more about "The 22", I decided to spend my last 2 years in High School to raise awareness.

Why?  Well, I was always proud of Jerry and the work that he did for the Vets and for the memories of those that died and are missing.  

The other reason was that I have a teacher, Mr. Jasper, that is a Vietnam Veteran. Coach Jasper has just been in the news as he celebrated his 1000th Win in Girls HS Basketball.

My father pointed out to me... "What if the world didn't have these two men?"  This is what lead me to think about a project.   With the untimely loss of Jerry, I've taken this opportunity to bring awareness, with classmates directly help combat Veterans with needs and raise money that will be used to directly work on projects for our Veterans in need.

And who knows?  Maybe we can help Save ALL of our Veterans.   We have to try.

Cole Donnellan - Pascack Valley HS Class of 2019.